Sunday 10 May 2020

Ramadan 2020/1441: Ramadan Gratitude Journal Day 17

What in nature are you especially grateful for?
Some of my best memories from my childhood and then from my children’s younger days are to do with time spent in nature.
Strawberry picking as a child with the family in beautiful Kent
School visits to Epping Forest and Hainault Forest
Trips to the beach
Visits to rural Pakistan, with the freedom to explore the fields and nearby mountains.

Then with the children
We visited a glebe in Scotland and saw a waterfall in the Trossachs.
We raced the sea at St Michael's Mount in Cornwall
We picked strawberries in Orpington, in Kent
Saw flowers and fell on a cactus at Lullingstone Castle
Fed seals at Gweek
Picnicked by the white cliffs at Dover
Scrambled over fallen trees at Epping Forest
Got very hot in the rainforest biome at the Eden project.

I love the way nature makes us feel: refreshed, soothed, as if the world has slowed down a little bit
When I see the sea I find myself in awe of Allah SWT: if his creation is so powerful, how great must he be?
I am most grateful for this connection back to Allah (SWT) and also myself  - the sense of being still, in the moment and peaceful.

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