Thursday 28 May 2020

Eid ul Fitr 2020:1441 – Day One Cakes, Sweets and Chocs

We have such a set pattern for our Eids: I cook in the morning, we get ready, we go to my mums for lunch, the whole family gather. We eat mum’s beautiful food, we joke and laugh, we exchange gifts and spent the afternoon taking photos, mostly of the gaggle of cheeky little girls we have between us.  I invite everyone over for dinner, sometimes my uncle will invite us all over for a barbecue in the evening.

This year, we decided to celebrate in our own homes and not meet. I decided it was a one off insh’Allah and we should make the most of it.

I woke in the morning to find my husband had made himself sevaiyan (vermicelli in milk and sugar) for breakfast. I think he must have used all the butter in the house 😊

I made simple cupcakes for breakfast and set them out with some other treats:

Then it was time for the serious cooking. I made lamb pilau for the first time. My mum makes this every Eid and it tastes amazing, so I followed he instructions (clearly I didn’t defrost the meat, I had washed and frozen it, so just chucked it in).

It turned out really nice (recipe to follow insh’Allah). 

My neighbour is an amazing cook and usually sends over her special breakfast on Eid morning, this year was no exception. Halwa, puri and channay:

The kids asked me to make them mojito moktail, or “mum’s lemonade” as they call it.
Lemon slices, lime slices, fresh mint leaves, fizzy lemonade type drink (we used R Whites lemonade,  but 7 Up, Sprite or similar should do the trick). I add Ice cubes not too long before serving, so they don’t melt and completely make it flat.

The girls wore dresses my mum bought them last year. I was grateful I didn’t have to shop. All of our clothes were either gifts or I had bought them earlier in the year and put them away. The only one who bought a new dress was my oldest, who managed to find a shop open and picked something pretty (they were all shut again the next day after the Council told them off for opening, so we got lucky).

Once everyone was dressed up, we had lunch, which went down well alhamdulillah. I think I may have asked everyone more than once how the pilau was 😊

I was a little sad that we would not be seeing our family, and was thinking to see my mum from her front garden later I the day. As it turned out, quite a few of the family came by one by one and dropped off gifts and sweets and stayed for a chat at the end of our front garden alhamdulillah.

Chocs from @everyphototunity, I can’t tell you how good these were. And it’ no good putting both of our names on, because I’m not sharing!

Kheer (rice pudding), mithai (Indian sweets) and Eid money from my mum:

Darling made me this colouring book and a rosette with a sweet inside:

More mithai and delicious cupcakes from my brother’s family – my little niece made the cakes for us herself.

My neighbour gave Baby these sweets, which I have since confiscated and hidden – the child is hyper and bounces off every surface even without the sugar

This was at the bottom of the gift bag wrapped in tissue paper and I assumed it was a balloon weight. Thankfully I double checked and opened it. I really like this and think it’s so thoughtful. It also keeps your drink warm for up to three hours, I take so long to drink my coffee that’s it cold long before I finish, so that’s a handy feature.

These came in the post, but were from @curlyfries, they are amazing. Again, I doubt any sharing will be going on.

My neighbour’s daughter sent over milk cake, brownies and cookies:

I also unpacked my gift to myself – a new clever fox planner. Review to follow and also how I chose this over some other options. But safe to say, very happy with this 

I loved Darling’s card to me – it clearly sets out all the things that mean Eid for her.

It was all too much and our bodies are still in Ramadan routine, so we were all taking naps in the afternoon. This one is very trusting, leaving all his Eid money lying around…

I asked the kids a few days earlier how we could make this Eid special even if we couldn’t see family, they said by ordering dessert.  So we did. They all wanted cookie dough.

I asked the kids a few days earlier how we could make this Eid special even if we couldn’t see family, they said by ordering dessert.  So we did. They all wanted cookie dough.

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