Sunday 31 May 2015

Picture of the Day: 24.04.15 - MUA

It was my cousins wedding last week and an absolute pleasure to get dolled up, turn up like guests and enjoy the food them come home.  No hassle, no preparation, no to-do lists and no trauma or drama, which Pakistani weddings can be great for.

It was segregated as some of the sisters wore niqab, which was really nice and meant that I could wear a nice outfit and some make-up.

I got my neighbour and her friend to do my my own, my mums and my mother-in-laws make-up.  Most of the make-up on the table below is mine despite the fact I hardly ever wear much apart from kohl and the odd slick of lipstick on a day when I need a little pick-me-up. 

The make up artists were great fun, we laughed and joked and they chased my nosy boys out until I let them play on the computer, so that they would leave us alone.

They did an amazing job, my mum looked so pretty and mum-in-laws cheekbones stood out making her look regal.  I got so many compliments, including one from an Aunt who I thought would be the last person to say something nice.

There was also the obligatory cheeky comment from Gorgeous who told me my face looked clean and not a bit spotty and that I should look like that all the time.... :/ (I don't have spots!)

It felt quite nice to treat myself.