Monday 25 April 2011

Cornwall Trip: National Seal Sanctuary, Gweek

A colleague at work reccommended I take my children to National Seal Sanctuary.  It was a bit of a trek from our hotel, but turned out worth it.  The tickets for nine of us added up, but the proceeds are used to help rescued seals and also a few penguins and otters.

The sanctuary was sprawled over quite some space including woodland and seashore.  There was a bus ride which helped cover some of the longer walks and lots of places to sit down for a miute, which helped because we spent a good chunk of the morning waiting for the kids to get stones out of their sandals.

The children were allowed to partiipate in feeding time, with Gorgeous being allowed to throw a fish to the South African seals.  The viewing bubbles/windows at the side of the pools also meant the kids could see the pemguins and seals from quite close by (greenish pictures below).  Generally a pleasant afternoon in a very beautiful setting.

 Beachcomber art by Jane Rose on display

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