Tuesday 5 May 2020

Ramadan 2020/1441: Ramadan Gratitude Journal Day 12

Be grateful for your senses. Name what makes you grateful for each?

Sight - I am grateful to be able to see my children’s lovely and beloved faces. I am grateful to see

Hearing – I love to hear my youngest daughters cheerful chatter, it raises my heart to the roof. I love to hear a beautiful recitation of the Quran, like medicine. am grateful to be able to hear my dad reciting the azaan, he has a good voice and its one of the sounds that makes me the happiest (that’s him in the video below).

Taste - I am grateful to be able to taste aaallll the good food Allah SWT has blessed us with, but my fave still has to be choc and coffee, the two things that tell me He really loves me.

Smell – I love the smell of my daughter’s hair after they have had a bath, it’s the next best thing now they are too old for that lovely little baby smell. Closely followed by coffee 😊

Touch – I love to cuddle with my girls, I tell Darling she was sent to this world just to give me the best hugs ever. I love getting a hug from my mum. I love the sensation of getting my feet wet in the sea. Most of all I am grateful for that feeling when you get into bed after the dawn prayer knowing you don’t have to get up for work – sheer bliss.

What makes you grateful for each of your senses?

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