Thursday 14 May 2020

Ramadan 2020/1441: Ramadan Gratitude Journal Day 21

What are you grateful for in this first 3 weeks of Ramadan?
I think this is a nice time to take stock, look back over the last two thirds (asharah) of Ramadan and take any learning or benefit for the last third.

21 days of fasting in, this has been a unique time. Lockdown has had us stuck indoors working and sometimes getting a bit down, but strangely has perhaps been easier for us when fasting: I get an extra hour of sleep because I don’t have to get ready and head in to work, I just go downstairs and log on. It has been so much easier to pray and I feel like I have more time to read Quran and make dhikr.

On the other hand sleep deprivation is still a thing. A big one. There are days when I feel like I a zombie and can’t think straight, let alone work sensibly from home. The biggest thing that has helped is the sunnah afternoon nap, or qaylulah, one hour after work. A kind of power nap that keeps me going through the evening and alert for the night prayer.

So looking back I am grateful for getting through the first three week and not missing any fasts. My oldest three children are also keeping all of them and because they are off school, can get the sleep they need (and then some).

I am grateful to be able to pray at home in a leisurely way rather than quickly at work.

I am grateful for my body clearing itself out (although it’s harder to be grateful for the painful breakout I have had on my face, although I am trusting that this is a sign hat my body is detoxing). I am grateful for feeling leaner and stronger as I have been running on my machine every night after taraweeh prayer.

The Ramadan schedule and rhythm of the day can feel punishing at times, but it is a very rewarding one.

What are you grateful for in this first 3 weeks of Ramadan?

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