Monday 8 July 2013

Strawberry Picking

AS it was the last weekend before Ramadan, we decided to make the most of it by taking the children strawberry-picking.  We visit Hewitts Farm in Kent every year usually during May or early June for strawberries and peas and in late August for the orchards (apples, pears and very sweet, juicy plums).  I realised yesterday that I had been going with my family for over twenty years (since I was a kid).

It wasn't very sensible to go on the hottest day of the year in full abaya and hijab, but when have I ever let that stop me?   The weather was glorious and everything was in bloom, if a few weeks later than usual because of the fact it was still snowing in April.

We went quite late in the day so we were warned that most of the strawberry's had been picked and that there would be more later in the week.  Despite this we found lots.  If you go early you get the big ripe ones, we had to make do with the little ones, but they were just as tasty.

We usually also come back with lots of peas, but these were not ready yet.  The only thing were spinach and a few other veggies and these gooseberries which my family thought looked very suspicious (maybe they don't have them in Pakistan?)

I just love how Little Lady co-ordinates her outfits and hijabs mash'Allah, I thought this was such a pretty outfit for a sunny day

It was nice wondering around in the shade of the orchards too.  The fruits were not ripe, but the trees were absolutely laden.  Unripe Victoria plums:


Our harvest:

The kids had so much fun picking these and competing to get the best ones.  We came home hot, tired but resolving to go back on a cooler day when the orchards were in fruit.

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