Friday 22 May 2020

Dua’s for Karachi

Sad news from Pakistan today, as reports filtered through of a plane crashing in Karachi, into a residential area (Al Jazeera, BBC News and Dawn). The pilots final report saying the engine has failed was heart-breaking as is the thought of all those deaths – people going home to loved ones for Eid.

I can't imagine what those mothers, sisters, wives waiting for their family members must be going through now. The little ones waiting for their parents or uncles or aunts excitedly, thinking of how lovely Eid will be.

Although I am from Punjab, a significant portion of my mum’s family and husband’s family have ended up in Karachi for work and settled there. A good portion of my parents village has moved there for work and travel back and forth during the holidays.

My uncle (mum's little brother) was stranded in Peshawar at the other end of the country when lockdown started and it took some time for him to make arrangements to get home, especially as flights were put on hold. This accident really hit close to home, it could have been any normal person trying to make their way home to their family for Eid.

It also brought back memories of the loss of Junaid Jamshed, much loved nasheed reciter and television personality in a plane crash in December 2016.  A loss for Pakistan and much missed by many still.

I pray Allah (SWT) has mercy on those he has called back to Him during this blessed month and raises their ranks in the next life. I pray that he gives their families comfort and peace at this painful time insh’Allah. I pray that He has mercy on those that have lost their homes and belongings and replaces them with something better insh’Allah. Ameen thumma ameen.

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