Wednesday 6 May 2020

Quarantine Diaries: Very Small Adventures

We have been cautious about going out in recent days and I have also been busy with work, so my youngest two hadn’t been out of the house for about three weeks. Their dad took them to the park one evening for a walk in the two months or so we’ve been in lockdown. So yesterday, I decided to take a long lunch and take them out for a walk.

We ended up in the tiny local park, where I we could only take a walk on the path that circles the inner edge of the park. There was a main green space where they could have played, but people seemed to think it was good to have their dogs off leashes, something I have been noticing a lot of in recent times.

The other issues we had was that people walking down the path didn’t seem to want to step to one side but try and barge us, so we had to jump aside quickly into the grass a few times. I don’t think we were enjoying it much, so we left and took to the deserted back streets instead. 

We walked to the girls’ school and visited the local community flower bed, where we said hello to an elderly couple who seemed very happy to see little ones.

Despite the boundless energy indoors, they seemed to get tired quickly, clearly not used to trips outside anymore

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