Friday 17 February 2012

Trip to Epping Forest

The kids had last week off school with half term, so thought I would take them somewhere easy and cheap. Our first choice was Epping Forest. This has a few visitor centres, but we opted for the one at High Beach, Loughton which has a small animal feeding area which attracts forest creatures which you can spot through a large window (we didn't spot any).

It was lovely to follow the trail around through the trees, ambling along, spotting birds and treasures for our nature basket, sycamore seeds are a favourite at the moment, I am sure this is the wrong season for them but we have had a mostly mild winter and the trees didn't all seem to do the things they usually do in autumn (still some with leaves brown hanging on).

We were hoping to spot animals, but only managed a couple of playful rabbits from the car window on the way. I did see one mum building a den with her boys and another strolling along with her baby buggy, what a nice way to spend an afternoon. I think there will be more trips here, perhaps some further off the usual trail and lots of creature-hunting this summer.

This burrow was one of many dotted around that fascinated Little Man, I would never have imagined a child of mine would be so animal-crazy.

The kids enjoyed their amble. Little Lady showed herself to be a true city girl at heart though with her comment "Its just trees and horse poo everywhere!"


  1. did you go to the spooky hill? (the one where you park the car at the bottom and 'something' moves it to the top?

  2. No, didn't end up going there! I know where you mean, hubby was telling me about it.