Friday 1 May 2020

Ramadan 2020/1441: Ramadan Gratitude Journal Day 8

What sights are you thankful for?
Alhamdulillah so many, I am a very visual person and enjoy beauty, coupled with the fact I have very poor eyesight since childhood, I am thankful for so many of the sights I have been blessed with, the ones that stick out are:
My children’s beautiful faces
Pretty clothes and jewellery, colourful scarves
The sea and coastline from just about anywhere I can see it
Flowers and plants from seedlings pushing through to flourishing blooms.

St Michaels Mount in Cornwall, like something from a fairy tale
The Falls of Falloch waterfall at Loch Lomond, in Scotland
Durdles Door in Dorset

Watching the sun rise at Boscombe beach on a cold morning with my husband.

A stack of books waiting to be read, even better libraries
Children’s books illustrations, such variety and never boring
Islamic art and architecture
The Shalimar Mughal pleasure gardens in Lahore (near my in-laws house)
Hennaed hands

The covered courtyard at the British Museum, not to mention all the other treasures

The gem and mineral collection at the Natural History Museum (much to my children’s despair, as they try to steer me away from “boring rocks”)

This Green Chalcedony, reminds me of the sea:

A clean room and an organised desk.
A field of bluebells
Peaceful forests and fallen trees to clamber over.
Pictures drawn by my children with funny looking little mummy's in them.
Watching my children sleep when they were little (now I just spend all my time trying to wake them up)
My parents faces, especially when they are happy to see me.

My favourites?  The first time I laid eyes on the Kaaba and Masjid Nabwi (ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), simply unforgettable alhamdulillah.

What sights are you thankful for?

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