Saturday 23 May 2020

Eid ul Fitr 2020:1441 – Eid in Lockdown

Eid is going to be different for most of us than the way we have celebrated in the past. We can’t go to the masjid or Eid parties and events, we can’t see our families and we can’t take the kids out. I am sure like us, most of you are finding your small ways to make Eid festive, with your own traditions and plans insh’Allah.

I subscribe to Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef’s e-mails and I thought his latest one was lovely and worth sharing:

With Covid-19 and it being essential that we stay at home and avoid large gatherings, here is what you can do, from the sunnah, to make this Eid a joyous stay at HOME Eid.

 Wake up early and take a bath

. Put on your best clean and modest clothing

 Before sitting for the Eid prayer, eat an odd number of dates

 From after Fajr, As you sit waiting for the Eid prayer, recite the Eid takbeer chant. Say this: Allahu Akbar 3x. Laa illaaha illa Allah. Allahu akbar 2x. wa Lillaahil Hamd

5. You can start the Eid prayer 15 minutes after sunrise, in the morning, anytime from then till before Dhuhr.

6. Eid prayer is 2 rakat. In the first raka’ when you start the prayer, say 7 Allahu akbars (with the opening Allahu akbar included in that). And then, when you are coming up for the second raka’, say 6 Allahu akbars (thats 6 inclusive of the Allahu akbar you say on the way up from Sajdah)

7. When you have completed the Eid prayer -- you do not have to do a sermon at home. You can listen to a live sermon broadcast if you want. It's optional.

8. Remember, it's physical distancing we are avoiding, but not social distancing. Have online open houses and invite friends and neighbors to 'virtually' visit around this Eid.

9. Greet those who you know and those who you don't. Do this by greeting believers everywhere online.

10. Celebrate this day by thanking Allah for what He has guided us to.

And hey, Eid Mubarak.

~Muhammad Alshareef

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