Sunday 3 May 2020

Ramadan 2020/1441: Ramadan Gratitude Journal Day 10

What tradition are you grateful for?
There are traditions we have established over the years as a family and some as an individual that I hold dear.
Movie nights with the kids
Midnight feasts when they were little
Our annual Eid party
Our various Eid traditions (you can read about these here)

My favourite Ramadan traditions are a few:
Making decoration and decorating the home together with the children
Having a nap in the afternoon (usually after work) which I don’t always outside of Ramadan
Having iftar together as a family. I’m not sure why this is a favourite because I spend every day telling the kids to give me two minutes of pace to make dua and not getting it. But I do enjoy us sitting down together.
Coffee, desert and blogging after iftar so that I get some time to sit down quietly, with the kids in bed, and rest before the night prayer.

The one tradition that I am most grateful for is gathering with my wider family at my mums house for Eid lunch and spending the day together dressed in nice clothes, eating good food, laughing, taking pictures and generally feeling good about life. This year it looks like we might not be able to do this, but I am grateful to Allah (SWT) for making us really appreciate each other and everything we have and not take it for granted.

What tradition are you grateful for?

You can find the original Ramadan Gratitude journal challenge here and my take on it here.

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