Monday 11 May 2020

Ramadan 2020/1441: Ramadan Food Love

In the last few days I have had a few nice dishes sent to me by friends and neighbours for iftar (fast breaking). I get really excited when the bell rings at iftar time, in the hope that I get to try something nice, after so many days of lockdown, I get tired of the taste of my own cooking.

So when the weekend arrived, I wanted to send something back. I ended up picking things that I think taste really good and can be staggered so that I am not cooking everything at once.

The first dish I made was Fauzia’s Saucy Baked chicken, a staple in or house sing a fool-proof and delicious recipe.  I marinated in the morning and left in the fridge. The smell of this dish alone as it cooks is a treat.

The next thing I made was this chicken filling (recipe here)

I ended up using it with ready made puff pastry to make filling chicken pasties:

The leftover filling got used to make spring rolls:

Also easy to make and store in the fridge beforehand is my Macaroni Salad (recipe here), a healthier version of the classic.

One of the most popular things I have learned to make in recent years is the lovely Halima Saleem’s Yummy Mithee Malai Dahi Poolki’s – gran flour and plain four dumplings in a mixture of yoghurt and cream:


Frying the dumplings: 

The finished dish: dumplings layered with yoghurt and topped with a drizzle of tamarind sauce and a garnish of finely chopped spring onion and coriander:

Ingredients for green chutney (recipe here):

We packed everything in trays and then forgot to take pictures, managed this one of the last tray:

Our share:

And is if there wasn’t enough food alhamdulillah, we got sent a lovely plate of food by my very sweet neighbour:

I enjoyed cooking and trying everything, and I got lots of good feedback on the Malai Dahi Poolki’s, but by the end I was tired enough to leave any ideas if sending out iftar again until the end of Ramadan when I have a week off work, perhaps I will try something different then.  Till then, lots of leftovers to tide us over for a few days.

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