Saturday 4 July 2009

Frugal Card Making

Two of my favourite topics are frugal living and crafts, so I thought I would combine them. I love crafting, but find that the materials can be so expensive that it would be cheaper to buy the item ready-made. With this in mind my aim is usually to avoid buying anything new or full-price. I find that this gives me a challenge and I have to be more creative in how I source my materials.

The cards below are all made from re-used paper. The two purple ones below use purple patterned paper from food packaging (I can't remember,but I think a chocolate box). The pink shiny card is from cosmetics gift box packaging.

The green paper used on this card is from an Islamic finance brochure, each page was in a different colour so I have a few of these to play around with.

The background for the card below was from a college prospectus. Again the pages were in different colours, so I saved a few. You might be able to spot the other cards I made with this paper here (the last two in the post).

The pretty, glossy paper below was from a Swarovski catalogue.

Other sources I have used include magazines, wall-paper peices, postcards, old note-book covers, chocolate box packaging, gift packaging, wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift bags you can't use anymore. You can also try old maps, damaged/unusable childrens books sometimes have wonderful art in them, sheet music and old comics - the list is endless if you are creative. One of my favourite sources is wedding invites, which often use beautiful paper and decorations. Asian/Indian type invites in particular tend to be full of my old favourites: paisley's and jewels.

Someone asked me where I get my Eid Mubarak and Happy Eid peel-offs/stickers. These are specialist items and fairly cheap. I usually buy them on ebay from this supplier, but she has none at the moment, they are also available here and here.

If you would like to give card-making a go but feel a little intimidated, then you might want to have a look here and scroll down and see how terrible my oldest cards were (although if you really want to be intimidated, you can check out these two sisters' beautiful, professional-looking work here and here). As you experiment and play with the materials, you find your own unique and insh'Allah beautiful style.

Insh'Allah I hope to post about frugal embellishments for cards and easy techniques soon and write something about the simple jewellery I make in the near future. I would really, really welcome your ideas in this regard too, whether via the comments or e-mail.


  1. UmmSalihah!

    Its been a while since Ive had to stop by and digest your posts. Congrats on your brother's engagement!

    Re: fruglaity/crafting- it's amazing what your eye catches. I never would have thought to use some of the things on your list. I did go out and get a few supplies as I am going to take a crack at making Eid cards this year inshaallah. I did cheat and buy ready made white, blank white cards- there 10 for $1.99 US (probably about 4 pounds?). I dont want to buy a cutter until I am sure I will dig this.

    I got everything at walmart. I even found pretty butterflies!!!!
    And stick on ribbon!

    Oh- have you used dried flowers or leaves? Im thinking about trying dried leaves. I would like to learn how to make tissue flowers. I plan on using some of the sand and tiny shells from our local ocean beaches too. Maybe some sea grass too. Oh my creative monkeys are stirring!

    The real challenge is finding a small space and time to do this- as my little man runs, walks, climbs and gets into everything (we have a 1 bedroom apartment). Inshaallah we will be moving soom and we all will have some breathing room.

    How are your children and husband? Mom and sisters?

    How is Big Sis doing? She hasnt posted anything in a very long while.

    Be well & Assalamu alaykum!!

    iMuslimah & Co.

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum, love these cards!! The recycling ideas are great...I'll certainly be looking differently at pretty papers from now on :-D

  3. Anonymous06 July, 2009

    I love that you shared the progression of your work. . . very inspiring for all the beginners out there!

  4. Assalam-alaikam

    iMuslimah darling!
    Thank you, I have e-mailed you.
    $1.99 is about £1, so you got a bargain. I have heard that Walmart is a good place to buy craft stuff.

    I'd love to see what you come up with, sounds like you have a very natural style.

    Sis Washi,
    you haven't made any cards in a while, I really loved the style of the last ones you made. Now what I really would like is for you to teach me how to crochet those beuatiful flowers and clover.

    thank you for your comment, although, now that I've visited your blog and seen your gorgeous stuff, I'm rather intimidated myself...

  5. Hey chickie! I emailed you :)

  6. as salaamu 'alaykum oh! my first comment disappeared after i typed it.

    anyway, what a wonderful post! and i love the topic. insha'allah i will post it to my site b/c my site is all about being frugal.

    ps...wont you miss fizzies UK homeschool group? i feel so sad that its being archived. i loved being on that group.

    oh, and i'll send you a link to the post i write about your cute little project!

    take care,
    umm Hhadiyyah

  7. as salaamu alaykum.
    i posted your craft idea to my blog. if u wanna read it go here
    ~umm hadiyyah

  8. Oh i love your cards. I am also a card maker and i have many muslim friend that i like giving eid cards to. Your ideas have inspired me. Thank you so much.

  9. I like the simplicity of your cards. I find it really pretty. I hope I can do the same in my card making projects in the future.

  10. Asslaamaleikum, I came across your blog while searching for goodie bag ideas for kids on Eid. Mashallah, you have a lovely blog ...........glad to follow you. Keep up the good work.

  11. Have you used tissue boxes? I craft frugally too!

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