Sunday 24 April 2011

Cornwall Trip: Eden Project - Rainforest Biome

The first of the two biomes we visited was the Rainforest biomes.  If you have ever been to a hot country, you get the feeling when you walk off the plane of a wall of heat hitting youand immediately drenching you.  This was a bit like that.  The temperature went up to 35 degrees but felt like more (it starts off hot and gets hotter as you move through the exhibition).  With my abaya and scarf, it certainly felt steamy.  The kids started whinging about the heat as soon as they got there (they all deserve medals for whinging during this trip - it's hot, we're cold, we don't like the beach, we're hungry, why is it taking so long to get there, ad infinitum).

It also smelt funny:
Little Man: Is this a Jungle?
Me: Yes, now you know what a jungle smells like.
Little Man: Yes, now I know a jungle sticks...

The plants were spectacular though, and the exhibits interesting.

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