Friday 24 April 2020

Ramadan 2020/1441: Ramadan Gratitude Journal Day 1

I was debating doing a Ramadan challenge this year and came across this Ramadan gratitude journal. I really like the idea. It’s too easy right now to feel buried under anxiety and worry, so anything that counters that, even a little, has to be helpful.

The original challenge is from Caroline at the brilliant Mom Can Do This blog, she says: “Gratitude and being thankful is huge. It seems challenging sometimes and yet we often have a lot of blessings in our life we just take for granted. If a bad thing happens to us, we ask “why me again?”. Do we ever ask that if a good thing happens?”

Before I begin, the one thing that I am most grateful for right now is that we are here: it is Ramadan and we are fasting. During this difficult time, nearly everyone I know has lost someone or knows someone who has lost someone to corona virus. The epidemic has made itself felt in all of our lives.

Allah (SWT) has chosen for us to be here a bit longer, to be blessed with another Ramadan, an opportunity for seeking blessing, reward and forgiveness. How many of those who are no longer with could ever have imagines six months ago that they wouldn’t see this Ramadan? None of us are guaranteed the next one.

Ramadan Gratitude Journal Day 1 – What kind of food are you grateful for?
Where do I begin, I love food! I love my mom’s comfort food – chapatti and simple, wholesome curries. I love take-away, especially a good burger with some chips or a kebab roll shared with my husband. I have a life long passion for chocolate, medium to dark, rich, creamy and not too sweet.

At the moment, I am grateful for healthy food - milk and dates for suhoor, fresh fruit, nuts and salads in my evening meal. I am grateful for all the good food that Allah (SWT) blesses us with that gives us good heath and raises our energy levels.

Oh and I have to mention my one daily coffee, now moved from morning to evening after the fast opening. A source of great satisfaction and a chance to stay still for a bit.

What food are you most grateful for?

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