Tuesday 30 December 2008

Recipe: Mint Chutney

This is a nice accompaniment to rice or curry and chappati, especially if you are looking for some added heat. It can also be used in place of (or alongside) tomato ketchup with samosa’s, spring rolls, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka or kebabs – anything that needs some sauce.

Bunch coriander (large handful)
Bunch mint (large handful)
1 raw mango
1 tomato - quartered
2 green chilli’s (I use the bullet variety) – decrease or increase including to taste although if you increase or use a hotter type of chilli (think birds-eye or bonnet), you might want to taste a bit before pouring it all over your food.
Level teaspoon salt
Pinch pomegranate powder (if available)
Natural yoghurt (not the yummy Greek kind) – however much you fancy.

Peel the mango and slice the flesh off. Place in blender with tomato, chilli’s, salt and pomegranate powder and puree (you may need to add dash of water to help it liquefy). Add coriander and mint and blend. You should have a thick, very deep green sauce. Fold in some yoghurt with a spoon (if you do this in the blender the chutney will be thinner and full of bubbles).

I usually mix half with yoghurt and serve and freeze the other half for another occasion, when you can just let it thaw and then mix the yoghurt in.


  1. Ooooh im telling muuuum!

  2. I've tasted it and it is quite chili!
    And I think its not that bad though, alhumdulillah.