Friday 24 May 2019

Stepping Away During Ramadan

I will be away from my laptop for the next few days insh’Allah.  I will be going with a jamaat (group) for three days to spend some time in the path of Allah (SWT) insh’Allah.

I wrote about this practice when I went in Ramadan 2017 here, the experience involves:

“Taking time away from your day to day business and spending time in worship and dawah (sharing Islam). They encourage you to start with improving yourself and stepping up your amal (good deeds) and then sharing what you learn wider. They are big on simplicity and making personal sacrifices as a way to get closer to Allah (SWT).

The post linked to above also describes the routine and activities of the jamaat group.  My in-laws will be with the children and the fridge is packed with food – although they don’t look very impressed with the idea of leftovers.

I am just grateful for this opportunity to spend some time away from the everyday rush of home and work. I hope to spend some time contemplating and reflecting insh’Allah.

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