Tuesday 14 May 2019

Quiet Time and Recovery

Apart from a nasty headache on the first day, Ramadan has been kind so far. I have tried to manage work, housework, cooking, worship and sleep as best I can, with my special coffee time after I clear the kitchen and before taraweeh prayer (accompanied by blogging time of course). Today, Day 9, seems to have caught up with me a little.  I got to about 3pm and my brain turned to fog with nothing making much sense.  I managed to get to four, get home and sleep for an hour before iftar prep.  Usually that does the trick and I am good to go, but barely had I broken fast and prayed Maghrib, that my body decided to do its own thing – sluggishly and in a slight daze.

So I have left the great pile of unwashed dishes we seem to end up with every evening, neatly piled by the sink.  I have got the girls to brush their teeth and let them sleep in their regular clothes.  I have my coffee, my airheaded brain and my laptop and I am ignoring the older kids while they try to take picture of me with the Snapchat app that turns you into a man. 

I’m going to leave the dishes and ignore the kids. I’m going to finish my coffee and then pray slowly.  If I pray a little less today, I’ll do it with the intention that I will allow my body to recover so that I can pace myself better over the coming days insh’Allah

How do readers manage their heath and energy levels in Ramadan?

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