Monday 20 May 2019

Giving in and Falling Over

I had a good few blog posts on my mind today:

The cook fest for iftar and how I might have over done it by trying to make everyone’s requests for iftar food.

My mother in law’s comment about how well behaved a girl was and how well she settled in with her husband, was fully the preserve of her mother.  The whole idea thoroughly annoying me, o perhaps it made me defensive, one to unpick.

I reached a milestone for a project at work and got some recognition – except that I struggled with it and despite my hard work didn’t feel like I could take the credit

We are half way through Ramadan and I am on my “break” from fasting and taraweeh, so hoping to use the time to get organised for Eid and get my energy and strength up for the rest of Ramadan insh’Allah.

My cousin is getting married in summer and decided to have her nikah this Ramadan, so I am excited about going to the nikah/iftar next week minus kids and I’m currently wondering what to wear.

I’m off gallivanting in the City this week for a work conference and again priorities – I'm thinking about what to wear ( I don't know why, it's always going to be an abayah).

Except I am sooooo tired that I can’t think straight.
My eyes won’t say open.
The coffee is not working.
And at some point, you have to call it a day, stop fighting yourself and your body and give in to sleep,
After I change, brush my teeth, take out my contact lenses, switch off the lights, check on the babies - then I can just give in to sleep 😊

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