Sunday 5 May 2019

Ramadan 2019/1440: Simple Decorations

I’m not sure if I just  can’t keep up with life, or if it is just really hectic right now, but I didn’t get to make any special decorations for Ramadan.  The house is also upside down because my mum and dad-in-law are coming to stay later this week and my husband has been re-organising rooms and furniture, so there is a big desk in front of the bookshelf and the table that usually goes there for displays has gone.

I made the best of it that I could by digging out decorations from previous years and things from around the house I could use.  The lanterns were from last year, the bowl of sparkly prayer beads from the front room.  The little teal bowl is a gift from Turkey from Fashionista. I might still try some Ramadan crafts with my youngest two and I was hoping to make some Ramadan baskets, lets see.

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