Wednesday 15 May 2019

Fairy Garden for the Girls

The arrival of both spring and my in-laws has inspired me to clean up the garden and get planting.  This is annual affair, where I’m too cold to go in the garden from about October onward, so hubby uses it to store random things and the kids either make a big mess everywhere, or use the trampoline in the rain or snow.  Every spring I wait for a few dry days so I am not picking up mushy leaves and weeds full of slugs and then the big clear up begins: weeding, picking up litter, pestering hubby to clear his tools, bike parts and other things I fail to recognise.

Then I get to do the fun part of trying to bring last years plants back to life, choose lovely new plants and try and squeeze in a few veg.  I look for fun decorations and try and make it as pleasant a space as I can for an early morning breath of fresh air before the household wakes up, or for my mum-in-law to sit outside on warmer evenings.

A fairy garden has been on my bucket list for some time and I only finally just got around to it.  I had kept aside a large flower planter and asked my husband to get me a bag of soil to top it up.

I bought a few small plants that I hope will spread and cover the soil without getting so big that they drown out the fairy garden. The little fuchsia that I think might grow biggest, I have planted at the back. I got the girls to help dig holes and position the plants.

Then the fun part, allowing the girls to place the garden furniture, little house and toad stools.

They love their little garden and I have asked them to look after it, water it without drowning it and keep an eye out for special things like shells or pine cones we can add to it.