Friday 24 May 2019

Picture of the Day 23.05.19: St Martin-in-the-Fields

I don’t commute into the city anymore thankfully, but had to travel to Trafalgar Square for a work conference.  I didn’t like the commute much (personal space is a good thing in my opinion), but I have to admit I was excited at getting away from my desk to somewhere interesting.  Even more so when I googled the location, and realised it was St Martin-in-the-Fields the iconic church near Trafalgar Square that it is kind of in the background, but you don’t really think of.

It turned out that there is a modern looking entrance a few metres away that leads you underground to conference rooms and a cafe under the crypt.  I spent the day there listening to speakers talking about children’s rights and how we can protect them and give children a voice in things that matter to them and affect them.  A really interesting day and I learned so much.

I had a wander around during the lunch break to see the mini gallery of paintings.  The pics below are the ceiling of the café and from the walkway which is made up of ledger stone's commemorating the dead.  

I wouldn’t mind coming back here for lunch or coffee with one my sisters to soak up the atmosphere.

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