Thursday 23 May 2019

Happy Muslim Mama – GCSE’s, Fasting and Growing Up

Little Lady is currently in the middle of her GCSE exams and thankfully focused on her studies. As usual, she is being cool, collected and somewhat aloof in the face of my worrying.  As usual I am anxious and want to take away her tiredness and burden.  When I started blogging she was about 5 and my lovely, fierce little girl that I loved holding.  Along the way there have been some bumps, some tears and perhaps a reluctance on my part to let go and let her grow up.  The fact that she is now doing GCSE’s seems astonishing to me.  It also breaks my heart as a little reminder that she is 16, growing so fast and with so few years left under our roof until she sets out on her own life journey.  This is exactly the kind of thing that makes her roll her eyes at me…

I have stopped asking her to do her chores and I have been providing her with her favourite foods and sweet treats. She has been studying late into the night and then again after fajr (dawn prayers) for a while.  She has had about half of her exams and says she feels like they went okay.  I tell her she looks like she has lost weight and she rolls her eyes (I think she is secretly pleased). 

I am counting down the days (about three weeks) until she is done and can sleep, eat, rest and play without thought of studies for a few months and I can stop fretting.  Alhamdulillah I am so proud of her for taking her studies seriously and getting on with it and continuing fasting while she has exams.  Please remember her in your dua’s and may Allah (SWT) bless her and all the children sitting their exams absolute success insh’Allah.  May Allah (SWT) make them a source of joy and comfort for their parents and a source of benefit for their communities and this world insh’Allah. Ameen. 

I wanted to take a pic of her desk, but there was such a pile of food wrappers, clothes, makeup and stuff piled over her books, that I couldn’t find an angle that didn’t look like a junk pile, so this stock image will have to do – it’s exactly the kind of thing she would like.


  1. Ameen. May Allah give her all the success she deserves. My daughter is just 3 but I can feel all the emotions of this post.

    1. Ameen dear sis, daughters are so precious, may Allah SWT protect them all and bless them with everything good inshallah xxx