Wednesday 22 May 2019

Picture of the Day 22.05.19: Leftover Iftar and Coffee Bliss

I managed to have a relatively easy going time this evening.  I usually have a short sunnah nap after work as it allows me to do the night prayer, wake for suhoor and function at work the next day.  Today I set the alarm for 30 minutes (5:30pm) and woke two hours later at 7pm.  Initially I thought it was the following morning, I had missed suhoor and was late for work. It took my addled brain a good five minutes to untwist itself and realise it was the same evening and the kids were not getting up for school, but just milling around in my room while I slept )usually the babies sneak in and sleep next to me alhamdulillah).

My first task after Asr (early evening) prayers was to check what was available for the fast breaking meal.  Considering the fact that we are fasting, I can’t believe how much food accumulates in Ramadan, both home cooked and sent round by neighbours and friends.  My fridge is stuffed, so I didn’t feel like I could justify cooking more, but knew there would be moaning.  So I re-purposed where I could by:
using leftover fruit from yesterday in the fruit salad
Using the last of the chicken filling for sandwiches
Adding some fresh yoghurt and spices to the channa chat to freshen it up

Putting the leftover pakora’s into the air fryer to make them warm and crunchy again.

No one seemed to notice except mum-in-law, who is a expert in reusing and re-purposing anything and everything, so approved.

Once I whizzed through the dishes and cleared the kitchen, I made myself a coffee.  Little Lady helped get the babies in bed, so they were fast asleep by the time I was done.  That left me with some quiet time to enjoy my coffee, some blogging and the company of Gorgeous and his stories about endangered species and climate change, heard with half an ear.

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