Sunday 19 May 2019

Picture of the Day 18.05.19: Iftar For My Parents

I love having dinner or breaking fast at my mum’s now and again.  Her food is delicious, and I always feel relaxed at her place hanging out with my sisters.  However, as we are currently a family of nine including my in-laws, I have been avoiding it recently knowing it would be too much for her to cook for everyone.  So this weekend I invited her and my sisters to mine for iftar (fast breaking).

I roped the children into helping clean the house and planned the dishes I wanted to make.  I ended up making fruit platters, fruit chaat (spicy fruit salad), chicken samosa’s, potato and chicken spring rolls, baked chicken and channa chaat (chickpea salad), green mint and mango chutney. Then we had lamb curry with fresh roti’s for dinner.

While I prepared food and tidied the kitchen, Harlequin Sister set the food out.  She laid it out nicely, but I do wonder if the blue cloth we lay out for meals spoils the effect. If you look through the blog, it’s in almost every picture of the meals we have shared.  Whenever we take pics, I think it ruins the photo.  But I have had it for nineteen years since I married and moved out of my mum’s home, and she had it for about twenty before then.  My grandfather bought it when he first came here and I vaguely remember it being thrown over a sofa at one point (or am I imagining it?).  IN any case, it has lasted beautifully and is still in good condition despite daily use and regular washes.

We had a pleasant meal (minus a tantrum from Little Man over my not making him rice with the lamb, which has turned into a long sulk). I’s always a pleasure to host my parents, it makes me feel so good.  Its always fun to have my sisters around, conversation is always interesting and playful, Fashionista Sister and my lovely Sister-in-law could not make it and were missed as were their babies. 

Everyone ate and left fairly quickly because the meal was so late and there is the rush to get to taraweeh prayer.  I managed to get though most of the dishes and cleaning, the big pots and baking trays have a date with me in the morning.  I had to have a coffee and a good long sit down with my feet up before I could think about my own taraweeh prayers.

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