Wednesday 17 July 2013

Ramadan Journal 2013: Day 7 - White

Whenever I think of the colour white, I think of my faith – my prayer scarf that hubby bought me for hajj six years ago and which I still use is white (when its not streaked with kohl and lip balm).  My husband’s galabiyya (long white shirt) and amamah (turban) are also white.  He dresses this way all the time, so you can imagine they are not white when he comes home after a day doing house removal jobs (I'm making us sound like a right dirty pair – like the Twits or something!).

The association goes back a long way to my childhood, when every Friday my dad would be dressed for Friday prayers in spotless, perfectly ironed (thanks to mum) white shalwar kameez.

No such luck here, in my home it’s all about white school shirts with grotty collars, white baby vests with Darlings latest foodie adventure on display down the front and piles of Little Ladies school socks which look like she has been wondering around in the school playground barefoot. .  Alhamdullilah for perfect washday weather at the moment.

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