Thursday 25 July 2013

Last day of School: Thank you Miss!

Today was the last day at school for the children before six weeks of summer madness descend upon us.  My kids teachers have worked so hard all year helping them to learn.  As my sister Fashionista is a teacher, I can see first hand how tough a job it is and how mentally challenging and exhausting it can be.

So I certainly felt that my children's teachers deserved a treat and a thank you.  So along with chocs and gifts (toiletry sets and a boxed necklace I picked up in the sale a few months ago), I included these cards.  I had meant to buy some and forgot, so I made these really quickly last night just after midnight.

I have had this orange print paper for ages and just loved it, so was pleased to find an opportunity to use it.  This card was for Little Lady's teacher.

This card was for Little Man's teacher and he said she loved it.

This was for Gorgeous' teacher and teachers assistant who are both amazing.  Gorgeous is an extrovert and can be very charming and affectionate.  This, coupled with those big, sad eyes makes him very easy to love mash'Allah.  This means that his teachers always adore him.  You can imagine he got lots of hugs at home time today.

Now I have summer with my sweethearts and will have to think of ways to keep them busy and not spend all day harassing their fasting grandparents or taking the house apart.  THis is going to be interesting...

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  1. I can't believe your kids end so late! My boys have been out for 2 months already. They start back in less than a month. This year they got about 11 weeks, and I hate when they have to go back to school. (Mainly, I just hate dealing with homework, but I really do enjoy having them at home.)