Tuesday 30 July 2013

Ramadan Journal 2013: Day 19 - 6 o’ Clock

6 o’ Clock in the morning and evening have traditionally been the most productive times in the day for me.  In the winter, a late fajr (dawn prayer) means that I don’t go back to bed and this time of the morning sees me get so much done.

In the evening I’m back from work, have got the kids fed and settled, have coked something for dinner and have caught my breath and my second wind.  So this is the time when I can spend a little time blogging, crafting, reading, playing with the kids or gardening.

Funnily enough, looking at the stats for Feroza (our online shop), 6pm seems to be the time when we have the most visitors each day, so maybe that’s when people have a bit of free time between work and their evening routine.

As its Ramadan at the moment, both 6am and 6pm is when I am fast asleep.  6am because I am so tired I keep sleeping through the alarm in the morning, 6pm because I need to catch up on my sleep after work and again.  Thankfully, I have two more days of work to go before I am leave until after Eid, which means I can sleep, do some Eid shopping, clean the house from top to bottom, catch up on my Quran reading and Arabic studies and maybe even do some Eid crafts.  I might even get one of my productive 6 o’ clocks back.

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