Saturday 20 July 2013

Ramadan Journal 2013: Day 9 - This Happened Today

The truth is nothing that amazing happened today.  In fact it was so quiet that I almost fell asleep and fell off of my chair at work.

I got up at 4pm and told my manager I was leaving and that I had been super tired today.  He told me he noticed me jerking awake this morning.  I was sooo embarrassed.

So this weekend I have bestest coming to visit with her lovely, crazy little boys, my neighbour has asked me to come and show her how to make pakoras because her boys loved the ones I sent to her and I have iftar at my mums.  Hubby is away for the weekend doing dawah work, I want to do my Eid shopping and all three of my older kids are pleading with me to let them fast. But really I want to sleep and sleep an sleep, like I did today and woke up suddenly at 7pm and had to run to the shops to grab something to cook for iftar.

This is pretty much me in the morning.

The only slightly more interesting thing that happened this week was that I was asked to work on a project to to deliver one of the host city experiences for the 2015 World Rugby Championships.  This was because I worked for my organisation delivering the programme management for its involvement in the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.   I will be working on it short-term but have to see if I get permission long-term as I only work four days now (although my work still seems to be five days worth).  But really looking forward to being involved.

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  1. Anonymous28 July, 2013

    assalamo alaikum...just stumbled on your blog and this was the first post which I read. Funnily enough this pic does seems to be like me and my hubby in Sehri time :)