Sunday 28 July 2013

Feroza - New Products for July 2013

While the rest of us have been lumbering from work to home to iftar to taraweeh prayer to sehri in a blink of an eye again, Shutterbug Sister has been at work taking pictures and adding new items to our online shop.  Hope you like insh'Allah.

This necklace was inspired by the gorgeous graded ombre effect I kept seeing everywhere and also by my favourite mix of colours  - blue and green.

 Hania long glass crystal necklace (available here)

This is another play on the ombre effect, but with a fresh combination of blue and white.

 Azraq Long glass crystal necklace (available here).

We have also added my handmade cards.  There are only a few at the moment, but insh'Allah we hope this category of product grows.

 Pack of three handmade Eid cards (available here)

 Pack of four handmade Eid cards (available here).

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  1. You guys are such a creative lot!!! Those cards are beautiful!!

  2. I love your Eid cards mashallah!

  3. Maa shaa Allah the necklaces are beautiful. I like the blue and green ombre effect one. The cards are very creative as well. Great job :)