Monday 8 July 2013

First Barbecue of the Summer

Between us I and hubby have been so busy that we have left our barbecue in the garden with the plastic cover still over it.  So it was rather a treat to be invited to my sister-in-laws mum's house for a late lunch over the weekend.

She can really cook (My mum, sis-in-law's mum and Fashionista's mum-in-law are the three people whose cooking I rate enough to never want to turn don an invite - seriously flavoursome food).

The ladies prepared the meat - lamb chops, two types of chicken and kebabs and the boys did the hard work of standing by the barbeque during the very hot afternoon.

There was also home-made potato salad (the best I ever tasted and I will be pestering for the recipe), a colourful salad and handmade coleslaw.

The girls (sis-in-law, her sister and her sisters-in-law) all chipped in for dessert with a summer fruit fool.

Also for dessert was this big tray of ripe Pakistani mangoes which I only got to ogle because we had to rush off afterwards for hubby to get somewhere.

Was so nice to enjoy good food which I didn't have to cook, catch up with family and get some rest.

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