Saturday 13 July 2013

Ramadan Resources and Link Love

Over the last few years, my post that often get the most views are about Ramadan, especially the list of links to useful resources and information.

So I am compiling a list of the good stuff I come across and which comes into my inbox.  I will add an image and link to the sidebar  and insh'Allah if you find anything useful in the links below, please make dua for me and my family.  If you find something that you think I should add, please leave a comment or e-mail me.  Otherwise I will keep adding new links as I find them.

Resources About Ramadan has a large number of useful posts tagged Ramadan and Fasting and Ramadan

Zaytuna College has a list of video and audio lectures about Ramadan here by Imam Zaid Shakir, Imam Hamza Yusuf, Ustadh Yahya Rhodus and others has an amazing list of online lectures and downloadable books on their Ramadan Resources page.

Mission Islam has a long list of Ramadan articles.

In Pursuit of Peace has a post called the Fiqh of Fasting

SoundVision have a long list of useful articles on Ramadan here.

Between Dusk and Dawn has posted lectures notes for the “Towards An Outstanding Ramadan” lecture by Sheikh Muhammad Al Shareef (the video is on the same page).

Fast Ramadan has some useful articles by well-known scholars such as Sheikh Yusuf Estes, Sheikh Bilal Phillips and Sheikh Muhammad Al-Shareef

The Quran Project has a 2014 Ramadan Guide (PDF) which includes a daily checklist and dua's.

Ramadan Recipes and Nutrition

My go-to source for recipes is Fauzia's Kitchen Fun,  I have never made a recipe from her website which I didn't enjoy thoroughly.  She currently has a Ramadan section on her website which has some great ideas.

The wonderful Lubna Karim of Yummy Food is once again running the Joy From Fasting To Feasting event which I have participated in the past.  Includes recipes from bloggers across the world.

Mona Hussain has the Hyderabadi Ramadan Food Festival at her website 

The Halal Foodie is hosting  a food event called Ramadan Friendly Recipes.  So far there have been over 200 recipes submitted.

Salma's Recipes is a very popular Facebook page with hundred of recipes with step-by-step photo's to show you to replicate.

Nestle have a Ramadan recipes page on their website which also includes some nutritional advice.

Ramadan Crafts

The Ramadan Joy website is gorgeous to look at and has sections for baking, cards, crafts, decorations and gift-making.

My Ramadan Fun has tons of crafts ideas for Ramadan.

Jannah Steps has a post about Ramadan Iftar baskets.

You can check out my posts about my Ramadan baskets here, Ramadan greeting cards here and Ramadan Kareem banner here.

Ramadan for Children

Good Tree Montessori Homeschool has a post that lists 30 children's activities for Ramadan from all over the web.

The archives of the Islamic Unit Studies website have a great selection of posts on Ramadan.

The In Pursuit of Peace blog has a post called Ramadan activities for the little Ummah – Resources, Tips and more…

Yemen Links has a page of Ramadan materials for children including a journal for children, lesson plans and crafts.

The Muslim Connection has a good page with a activity planner, Ramadan games and a very nice book called “Ramadan is” which I will enjoy sharing with my children.
Mission Islam has lots of Ramadan articles, lessons plans, games and activities with a nice section at the bottom for children.

The Wayfarers’s Journey blog has some great ideas for things to make and do for children including colouring sheets, mobiles and decorations.

HSBC Amanah has created a Ramadan playbook for children with suggestions for things to do.

This Little Life of Mine has a fantastic idea for First Day of Ramadan Gift Basket for children to help them celebrate Ramadan and make them busy

Ramadan Inspiration

You can visit my Pinterest page for Ramadan where I have pinning anything that looks interesting or inspiring relating .

You can find the Heart Wheel Journal which is described as "a 30-Day Tarbiyah Journal designed by Muhammad Alshareef, as seen on Islam Channel” in PDF version here at the Islam Future blog. The same page also has an MP3 recording to complement the book called Strategically Planning for Ramadan.

Productive Muslim has a large number of resources here to help you get the most out of this blessed month including videos, a free e-book, worksheets and an online course.

The Creating Memories blog run by Neilouphar has a Ramadan journal challenge for the second year running.  Last years is here and this years is here.  Neilouphar also has a Pinterest page for the journal here.

Yara at A Muslimah's Musings has posted a Ramadan Toolkit with links to information, guidance, activities and Ramadan-related media


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      I have added to the list above.

  2. I'm Ramadan-Kareem from Egypt Sister you doing Wonderful job here and good recipes collection for Ramadan we are here waiting for Ramadan 2014 and lots of thing to do in this Holy Ramadan preparing my self for InshALLAH Aitakaf in the few last days....Nice site for great

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    Just wanna say thanks and Baraka Allah ou fiki for your blog I discovered a few days ago. Very very inspiring!
    Leila (Belgium)