Tuesday 16 July 2013

Ramadan Journal 2013: Day 5 - Something Crafty

I love all things creative, be it paper-crafts, jewellery making or handmade gifts.  I have been so busy and exhausted this Ramadan that I haven't been able to attend to my creative side very much at all.  During previous Ramadan in previous years I have made Ramadan greeting cards, banners for the house and gift baskets to take to iftar's.

Today's prompt has made me realise that I haven't done any of those things with the children this time round.  In fact the children have been keeping themselves occupied while the adults in the house engage in worship, try to catch up on sleep or get their evening meal ready.

It made me think I should do something nice with them this weekend and maybe do something crafty myself on Friday when I will be at home insh'Allah.


  1. what are the photos of at the bottom?

  2. Anonymous18 July, 2013

    Asalaamu alaikum, hope your well inshaAllah.
    Could you please tell me the best places to get Eid Mubarak sentiments or stamps, Rhine stones and other craft accessories?