Sunday 26 April 2020

Recognising Your Power

I have been following Dr Shefali Tsabary for about a year now and her words of wisdom has really helped me get through the tough teenage years with my children. She made me think about how much of the friction between my oldest and I was about her behaviour and how much was about my interpretation of it. If nothing else, it made me slow down, take a long look at myself, my own childhood and my daughters needs. It reminded me to keep going back to love and kindness in my parenting.

I came across the quote below on Dr Shefali’s Instagram page:

“If only you realized how much power you have in your thoughts, you would never squander a single one on worry or regret."

The quote is one I want to hold on to. I believe that guilt has its role in helping us to steer away from things that are wrong and harm our soul. But I think we let guilt overwhelm us and we let regret hold us in our past for too long.

After half a lifetime of self-doubt, waiting for permission and being scared to take big steps, I came to the firm belief hat we can do anything we set our minds and effort to. This is why this quote speaks to me so strongly. How much could we achieve in our lifetimes if we set aside doubt and fear and embraced self-belief?

I have a big dream for this year, scary enough that I don’t want to articulate it yet. I have spoken to a few friends and I have started to lay the foundations. I have no idea where this kernel of inspiration will take me, but I step forward with self-believe, a desire to serve and good intentions insh’Allah. I am curious to see where this journey takes me.

Do you have a big dream or plan you are working on you want to share? Is there a quote or a person hat really inspires you?

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