Sunday 26 April 2020

Coaching, Classes, Discussions and More

One of the interesting things that has come out of lockdown and also Ramadan during lockdown, is the sheer amount of online and interactive training, courses, lectures, classes and coaching opportunities I am coming across.

I have joined a daily tafseer (Quran explanation) class with my local masjid, I have been joining random Zoom Islamic classes via Twitter and YouTube as I get notifications and getting fascinated by all sorts of things. One of the WhatsApp groups I am part of run a regular group coaching discussion, called Sisters Seeking Salam, it gives support and inspiration to so many women. You can find recordings of their sessions on YouTube here.

Another member of the group, is Mary Panwaskar, a transformational coach who has offered regular coaching sessions to women. Out of curiosity I joined her last session and found her welcoming, warm and wise. We talked about structuring our days, building effective routines and work patterns that are best for our wellbeing. She worked with me through a breathing exercise that helped after a really stressful work day and we reflected on receiving love and letting go of baggage. She is planning to do 2-3 calls a week so if you are interested, contact her through her website and find out about how you can jump on to a call, I am really, really looking forward to the next one.

Finally, I somehow ended up today on a YouTube live session today during the time I spend cooking for iftar in the evening. I listened and found myself captivated by an explanation of hadith and how it was collected. It turned out to be the first session of a series of weekly classes called Holding Fast by Mariam Sheibani for Cambridge Islamic College. She explains the subject so well and has me captivated, I look forward to more.

Have you joined any classes or tried anything new during lockdown?

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