Monday 27 April 2020

Ramadan 2020/1441: Ramadan Kareem Banner in Soft Colours

It took me until about day three of Ramadan, but I finally got some time to do some decorations with my youngest two. We took ages to choose the colour and paper we wanted to use and then couldn’t find enough of one colour of ribbon.

The paper is from a very pretty stack from The Works called Pretty Mystery (currently sold out, but they have some lovely paper pads at a fraction of the price of anywhere else, and this one is similar).

The silver letters are super easy to use and are from B&M.

The minaret and silver stars are from a very old set of Eid Mubarak peel offs.

This time around, I decided to go for a small postcard size picture rather than my usual frame – easier to make and display as well as store. I think I can see myself doing more pictures and collages of this size.

We quite liked the finished result and I am already thinking about eid decorations and what else I can create in that small size.

Did you put up decorations this year? Did you make or buy any you really like?

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