Thursday 16 April 2020

Colourful Prayer Beads

My youngest little wildling decided to hang my tasbeeh (prayer beads) off a door handle and try and swing from them, of course she broke them. I have been trying a few things out with my jewellery making supplies, so thought I would replace them with some colourful ones.

I’m not sure about the mix of colours, it didn’t come out as bright as I expected, perhaps because of the slightly brownier yellows and purples and the light pinks. I think I’ll enjoy using it, the fishing wire I used is also stronger than the usual thread you find in these tasbeeh, so hopefully it will last me a while.

I have these blue and gold long beads too, I was thinking to mix these with black sparkly beads and make a make a stack of bracelets. They remind me of ancient Egyptian colours, will have a go and see how they turn out.

Do you have a favourite dhikr, remembrance or meditation? If so why?

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