Thursday 30 April 2020

Ramadan 2020/1441: Ramadan Gratitude Journal Day 7

What smells are you grateful for?
Alhamdulillah all of the good ones?
That’s a bit of a cop out, but there are so many.

The smell of my little girls’ hair after they have had their bath
The smell of food when I am cooking something, and the kids come into the kitchen lured by the smell to check what’s for dinner.
The smell of a new book, when you first open up the pages, actually I quite like the smell of old books too.
The smell of jasmine and rose, always takes me straight back to my wedding.
Cupcakes baking in the oven, filling the whole house with their smell.
Oranges as you cut into the peel, and lemons for that matter, did I mention limes, my favourite?
The air after it has just rained
The smell of the sea, as it hits you before you can even see the water.
Probably my favourite is the smell of my mums shawls when I borrow them for prayer, like washed laundry with the barest hint of perfume, comforting and always make me feel loved and take me straight back to my childhood.
Right now, it’s the smell of coffee, signifying, rest, relief and comfort, a moment to take a breath.

What smells are you grateful for?

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