Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Cupcakes at Last

After about three years of putting up with a dodgy oven that scorched the bottom of everything, we finally replaced our oven. The babies have been pestering me for ages about baking with them and I have been fobbing them off with the dodgy oven excuse.

Now that we had a new oven, I couldn’t make excuses anymore. Until recently we haven’t been able to buy plain or self-raising flour anywhere locally and even eggs were hit and miss. I just happened to find flour on my last shop, so we were good to go.

They wanted icing and sprinkles, I insisted we started simple. I cook a lot, but I am not much of a baker (unlike my sister who is very good). I am also not that crazy for biscuits and cakes but prefer savoury food, so we ended up making plain cupcakes. They got scoffed pretty quick once everyone had completed their fast, while they were still warm and smelled good, fresh from the oven.

I might try something more complicated next, or something I haven’t tried before. I’ll probably be looking for more savoury baking ideas too.

Do you have a favourite recipe or dish that you make in the oven? Anything you would recommend me to try?

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