Tuesday 21 April 2020

Quarantine Diaries: Stir Crazy

Up until now my lockdown days have been busy: filled with parenting, work, cleaning, cooking, and schooling. I have mostly run from one to another or sometimes tried to do two at once.

I have kept upbeat and have been happy at home, feeling grateful that we are all now well and have enough of what we need to get by. I have noticed in some of the local WhatsApp groups I am in, some people have struggled with feeling lonely, depressed or have been struggling with boredom.

During the last weekend, I took an extra day off and ended up spending the time catching up on chores. It left me time to read and rest properly.  I was fine until about Sunday afternoon, when I found myself restless.  There was nothing to do, clean, cook or tidy.  I couldn’t concentrate on a book, I couldn’t bear to watch anything online. I didn’t want to get my craft or jewellery making materials out.  I was just going round the house in circles at a loss about what to do with myself and managing to annoy my family, especially my younger son, who is my favourite person to annoy (he is best at taking a joke).

In the end, my other half took me for a walk, I managed to vent with him and get it out of my system, which is not really the right way to do things but helped a lot. We are getting to the middle of the week and I can feel the restlessness building again. This evening I have been praying salawat (Durood Ibrahimi), because I find this always soothes me and makes me feel blissed out.

I am looking forward to Ramadan and a new routine and good intentions about good habits. Maybe I need a big, exciting new project to keep me busy 😊

How have you been using you time? Have you struggled with quarantine? Or are you too busy, or occupied to notice being stuck indoors?

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