Wednesday 29 April 2020

Ramadan 2020/1441: Ramadan Gratitude Journal Day 6

What technology are you grateful for?
This question seems more pertinent than ever right now as we are all in lock down with only our tech as a window onto the world.

Previously my answer would have been my laptop, the ability to connect to the world from my home, learn about anything I want to and to share my take on the world. I have always believed it is a privilege to share my life as a Muslim woman and mother and have a voice in the public domain.

In more recent times I would say my phone. There is something of a poison chalice with our phones: too much screen time, time wasting on distractions, trolls and unrealistic comparison on social media and being distracted from real life  But in recent times, my phone has been a lifeline from calling family members to check up, checking work e-mails, the children’s schools sending them homework, Zoom and Facetime calls with family and neighbourhood WhatsApp groups to build community during the coronavirus crisis.

I still have to be careful not to spend too much time or waste a lot of time on my phone, but it’s uses are many right now.

What technology are you grateful for?

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