Monday 20 April 2020

Parenting Teens: Hangry Young Man

After much trauma trying to civilise my oldest child, failing and then eventually reaching a truce, I determined to do things differently with my second as he made his way through his teens: firm but fair, kind and compassionate but encouraging independence and responsibility. There are days and weeks when it works and then days where one wrong word or s small argument seems to undo all of the good days.

In recent times (read pre-lock-down) we seemed to be doing okay and getting along well most of the time.  Since lock down though there seems to be more ups and downs, and most of these seem to be related to food. I made him his favourite biryani, but I couldn’t get the usual brand of biryani mix anywhere so I used another, days of moaning ensued about how I ruined his favourite biryani. I made him the chicken strips he requested, but his dad bought thigh rather than breast meat and he complained it tasted different.

After a good few days of this and me explaining there were lots of ingredients we couldn’t always get and that we were lucky to be still eating well, I lost my temper and confiscated his phone and told him at 15 he was old enough to cook for himself, I would be cooking only what I fancied from now on and not what the rest of the houses wanted.

He went to bed hungry and didn’t talk to me for two days. He has just started to thaw a little after realising I was going to continue being kind but firm, continue to talk to him, remind him about prayers and schoolwork and generally carry on as usual. I know what he really, really wants is his favourite take-away. I have resolved not to order it until he fixes his attitude. He could be on for a long wait. Or knowing how much I like food too, maybe not.

My youngest was hanging out with him and eventually came to tell me she was bored as her brother was watching cooking videos 😊

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