Tuesday 24 March 2009

Feeling Blue

Just feeling very deflated and demotivated today. I don’t like being like this, so decided to see what I could do to cheer myself up.

Sneaked out of work and posted my book for the book swap (although now I can think of half a dozen others I might have sent instead)
Went to get a latte and pecan and maple syrup pastry for breakfast and came back with a sandwich, a mango smoothie and carrots.
Thought I would get myself some stationary (I lurve stationary), looked through all the notebooks and in the end decided I didn’t need another one. Felt good walking away.
Sat down and cleared most of my e-mail inbox out
Ate the amazing carrot cake my colleague bought me

Will sit down and work solid for the morning and clear outstanding work
Will make a to-do list and then work through it (pay for kids school photos, send off pension form, send off work contract…)
Will work on my green journal for a while and get some ideas on paper (my career and work journal, the purple journal is for creativity and ideas – it’s where I first recorded the idea of starting a blog)
Will call my husband and touch base (and maybe whinge a tiny bit)
Will sit and read "22 ways to cheer yourself up" and take my own advice

Most of all I need to sit here and reflect on all that Allah (SWT) has blessed me with and be grateful.


  1. ASA

    What do you write in your career and work journal? I have been toying on keeping a journal but do not know how or what to focus on? Any advice?

  2. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    When I first saw your post title I had no idea how enlightening the post would be! Ma sha Allah. It's so good of you to share come excellent tips (by example) and the ones on the older post too. Jazakillaahu khayran sis. Hope you're feeling much better now.


  3. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sister Ummi Sumayyah,
    I keep my work/career journals for exploration and inspiration - quotes, bits from self-help books, mind-maps, things I would like to do, am good at, skills I would like to learn, examples to keep for future job applications and even quotes from people that have made me feel good/competent/confident for when I need a boost. I posted about the types of journals I keep at:


    Other types of journal you can jeep are a journals for ideas or creative thoughts, for poetry, a mothers journals for your children (details in the link), an art journal, even an introspective journal of your general thoughts and discoveries about life, although I tend to veer away from private diary type stuff (asking for trouble in my opinion). Some people even keep gratitude journals which they add to daily - as a Muslim that seems like a nice idea. My rule of thumb is that whatever I write will be available to my children when they are grown for their benefit and can be read by my family now if they wish.

    Sister Umm Hibaat,

    thank you for the hug, that is so sweet. Alhamdulillah I am feeling much better, I get into these odd funks every now and again and usually they go away again after a while - I wonder if it is just hormones?

  4. it's 'snuck' not sneaked!

    maybe you should have some chocolates -that usually helps!

    p.s. like the rea;;y nice pics

  5. lss,

    no chocolate, no coke, no sugar or white flour for the next ten days so I will be a size 8 again...ahem, see how long that lasts (you note I didn't say no chips or kebabrolls!!).

    I like the pics too, I found some free-to-use vector graphics, expect to see more of them being slipped in.