Sunday 15 March 2009

Sharing Out The Loot

As it was Sunday and the booting fever is still upon us, we got the kids up early and made our way through Nevendon (okay), Dunton (way too busy and not great) and Barleylands (mine and the kids favourite)

Two work colleagues asked me to pick up some books/supplies for their children so most of these will go to them and another friend whose boys are my childrens' age.

Little Lady has been saving her change in her money box with the declaration she wants to get a laptop like her aunties have. I bought this one for £2 and then found another one for Little Man for the same price. It's pot luck with electronics, so I was releived when we got home and put batteries in and they both worked. I have been meaning to get the kids torches for ages and these cost 50p (their gran will be sharing their room when she gets here next week, so I wonder how long before their dad confiscates them for not letting her sleep).

I do like bags, but not so much handbags as book bags. The spotty one is for me, the ice-cream one for my colleague, the see-through one for Little Lady's dolls clothes and the gorgeous little white one is being stashed for special occassions. The cherry one stopped me in my tracks and is perfect for me to take my shoes or lunch to work.

I picked up this big load of colouring supplies for £1. I think I am going to enjoy sitting and sorting through these. They are to be split between my children and two friends children (there are a lot more than it looks like).

A few treats for myself. The lady with the mirror asked me to make an offer, Little Lady suggested £2 and the lady lowered to 50p which was sweet as the mirror and pouch are beautiful (the back of the mirror is also covered with the same beeds and mother-of-pearl buttons.

In all I spent about probably close to £20 on the above and ice-cream for the kids (they were very good even if they did desperately need everything they clapped eyes on). I think that's a good price for a lot of happy mums and kids insh'Allah (I know I'll be happy sitting checking if all these pens and pencils work).


  1. ASA

    Which place did you get the most stuff?

    IA I will be aiming to go to Barleyland next time.

    I can't wait to go to my first proper boot fair!

  2. Wow what a lovely stash!! Hope you will review the cardmaking book so I can see if it's worth buying insha'Allah :-)

  3. Assalam-alaikam Sister Ummi Sumayyah,

    I got the most stuff at Nevendon. Barleylands is nearby so you can do both, but it's early in the year so it's still only two rows of stalls. Best thing to do is to buy your local Recorder newspaper and look at the "what's on" section which will tell you which markets are on nearby.

    Assalam-alaikam Sis Washi,
    I had a quick peek at the cardmaking book and it had some nice little techniques. I'll let you know if it's any good insh'Allah.