Thursday 5 March 2009

Goods News And A Full House

I had a call during my lunch hour yesterday with some news which made me smile. My mother-in-law and youngest, favouritest brother-in-law are coming over from Pakistan. They usually stay for about five months in summer on a six month visa to help with the kids and spend time with us. This time they were both given a two-year visa and we are hoping they stay for most of that insh’Allah.

This will mean company for me, lots of family outings and it will mean that my husband can take all the jobs that come his way without having to find help with watching the kids and getting them to school and back. It also means that my husband might just get a move on and start fixing all the bits and pieces that need doing around the house.

I might not be so delighted in a few months time, but at the moment I look forward to having a full, busy, noisy home full of the guests that my in-laws will attract. I am trying to learn how to make cakes and biscuits and grow more edibles in my garden to save money – and also savour the satisfaction such things bring. My favourite thing to look forward to though are the late night chats in the in-laws bedroom with mugs of milk and biccies laughing and joking till two in the morning on a work night, Little Man following the mother-in-law around and asking if her if she is high (she gets high blood pressure) and

I’m still waiting to find out if my wonderful father-in-law will also come – that would be the icing on the cake.

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  1. MashAllah, what great news! It is always a nice experience to have family around, especially for the children. May they have a safe trip to the UK. On the other hand...I cannot wait to read some of your postings regarding the visit in a few months...!