Sunday 22 March 2009

Welcome Arrivals

After a grueling week of clearing out junk, doing up the house and various other activities including The Big Clean, The Big Shop and The Big Cook, it was lovely to welcome my mother-in-law and my youngest brother-in-law to our home. Despite being exhausted, they began as they meant to go on, with stories and jokes over a long dinner and everyone sitting up late into the night talking.

It was lovely to see my mother-in-law’s delight in every little thing her grandchildren did and my house really felt like a proper home alhamdulillah. As ever, she came bearing gifts for me. My sister-in-law picked out the first:

My father-in-law picked out this suit (insh'Allah he'll be joining us later in the year):

Little Lady also received enough presents to spoil her rotten and turn Little Man green. My sister-in-laws younger sister sews beautifully and made these:

I thought the last one was very funky. She also got the accessories to match:

This little tea set was also for her. I thought it was too adorable for the boys to get their hands on so it will be kept out of reach to play with when they sleeep.

Alhamdulillah, their coming has meant we are being blessed with family and guests visiting, so I am off to put the tea on and get the fairy cakes out of the oven.

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