Monday 23 March 2009

Playing House

It was lovely to get another day off after the weekend. I usually spend all weekend skiving and planning to get things done, then getting to Sunday night and finding myself all hyped up to start opening cupboards and sorting through them, then give up when I realize I have to get to bed to get up early for work.

This weekend I spent lots of time doing “housey” stuff and I kind of enjoyed it:

Cleaning the house from top to bottom (whilst the children followed and undid everything as I went).
Washed all the linen and towels in the house
Making fairy cakes with extra sugar and butter for guests to have with tea
Making hubby and the in-laws a fry-up to go with tea (southern-style chips, potato coquettes, potato fritters and onion rings – guess who ate the most)
Putting a nice roast in the oven to slow-cook all afternoon to share with guests and in-laws in the evening.
Putting enough clothes away to find my bed again
Dug up rows to plant my peas and fine beans
Throwing the spinach seeds and spring onion seeds out
Taking the dwarf beans on my kitchen window shelf (which suddenly sprouted up seemingly overnight) and planting them out.

Although I have to say I am rather exhausted and the idea of cooking for eight at every meal for the foreseeable future is rather daunting at the moment, so I am off to get some sleep so I can get up early, get to work and spend a much more restful day there.

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