Thursday 12 March 2009

A Sad Attempt

For a number of reasons I have been trying to eat more healthily (heading for 30, trying to set a good example for the kids, could probably do with being a stone lighter and hubby and Little Lady are hinting they would like to see a baby girl come to our house(!!)).

I fall down most at work where I am surrounded by junk food outlets and sweets and cakes in the office. To counteract this I have filled a tub with healthy food to keep me going (It's in a tub because the mice like to visit inside our desks). The tub includes orange juice cartons, nuts, raisins, seed mixes (which rarely get a look in), cereal bars, dried apricots and dates (I got the ladies in the office to try these and they couldn't believe I ate something so wierd), pecans for a treat (very expensive) and some herbal tea.

Sometimes I make myself up a bowl and then nibble on it through the morning...

...of course they have to vie with the chocolate covered peanuts for attention.


  1. you could just stop! maybe you should work harder -thus burning off calories and forgetting about food!!

  2. lss -that first comment was me!